Trendhuis works ...

… with a unique flow: trend research is our starting point, developing strategies with specific recommendations is the outcome. We deliver communication adjusted to your needs and goals, with the right communication tools for each specific job. We partner up with organizations to enroll various concepts and projects. The founder and CEO is trend researcher Nathalie Bekx.
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Trend and market research

Bexpertise is specialized in trend and market research, lectures and workshops.

Strategy & advice

You can only reach your targets when the strategy is right. Our trend research is the ideal starting point for setting up successful strategies together. We determine a clear mission and vision, specify a distinctive USP, unravel your DNA and define your core values.

Communication & tools

Bekx&X has more than 20 years of experience in communication tools. Online or offline? We make sure your message reaches and moves your audience. Our professionals deliver customized content, just for you and your audience.

Concepts & realizations

Trendhuis knows how to successfully launch a concept or project. We have experience in different industries, such as healthcare, the cultural sector, the CSR world and the retail industry.

Trendhuis is (co-)founder of Xenarjo and Time4society