Nathalie Bekx

In 1996, Nathalie Bekx started her own research and media agency, which is now known as Trendhuis. For this end, she could lean on her background as a historian and her professional experience in journalism, education and media research.

Trendhuis houses the team of Bexpertise, that conducts profound trend research, the team of Bekx&X, that offers strategic advice and works on media projects, and publishing department Trendbookx, that creates inspiring trend books. Furthermore, Nathalie herself is a renowned speaker and columnist. She also gives trend lectures and workshops customized to the user.

Nathalie Bekx is socially committed. She is founding member and CEO of Time4Society, member of the steering committee of Kom op tegen Kanker (Fight against cancer), member of the board of directors of VOKA and member of the general assembly of the Flemish Institute for Health Promotion. Nathalie also teaches in postgraduate programs of the EHSAL Management School.

Nathalie Bekx published several books that deliver new insights on society, for example ‘Me, Myself & I. Generation M’ and ‘Chickentales’.

A selection of Nathalie Bekx’ trend lectures and workshops:

  • “The unique role of the Flemish government” (P&O network Flanders 2020)
  • “Every talent at work, work for every talent” (Voka congress)
  • “The consumer: between economy and ethics” (VBO)
  • “Meet the Alpro Soya generations” (Alpro Soya)
  • “Disposable habits” (Batibouw)
  • “Delightful living, the new woman takes the floor” (Belvita)
  • “How to play along with clients for crisis clothes” (C&A)
  • “Well-being trough the web shop” (Colruyt)
  • “A lifetime of slimness” (Omega Pharma)
  • “Will we be eating bread tomorrow?” (Promoba)
  • “Consumer and employee expectations” (Robert Walters)
  • “Concentric care concept: source of encounters, innovation & inspiration” (Zorgnet Vlaanderen)
  • “Green cars: is the consumer ready for them?” (Fiat)
  • “Men and women at work: do they counter or complete one another?” (Delta Lloyd Life)
  • “90 years of loyalty towards quali-time for women” (Electrolux)
  • “The catering industry user in 3 dimensions” (Horeca)
  • “The future welcomes you, as long as you know the consumer” (ING)
  • ...

Follow Nathalie Bekx on Twitter here. If you wish to contact her for a trend lecture, a workshop, a trend research or a media project, send us an email!

Trendhuis is (co-)founder of Xenarjo and Time4society