Bekx&X is specialized in media projects. Our mission? Making sure that your core message captures the attention of your target group.

Many years of experience, carefully built up know-how and an open mind are our trump cards. In order to realize this we work together with trend research office Bexpertise. Through research we will identify your target group, figure out what your (potential) clients really want (and not what you think they want), which media channels they use and prefer, and so on.

In short: we guide you to tell your story (your Unique Selling Proposition) in the most effective way and through the best channels to the right target group at the perfect moment.

The Bekx&X-team can create your monthly city magazine (Nieuwe Maan) or client magazine (Bank J.Van Breda & C°), restyle your magazine (FORWARD), help you to improve your sales figures (De Persgroep), invent and implement a new brand of cosmetics with a smart commercial strategy (IKARI), and much more.

But also online we like to work together with your marketing and commercial teams to convince your (potential) clients (Zilver Avenue,

Magazines, (trend)books, newsletters, corporate design, restyling, media guidance, media workshops, (CMS) websites, web design, (social) media campaigns, e-newsletters, copywriting, lay-out, redaction … This is what we do, and so much more! Discover some of our accomplished projects here.

Strategic communication advice

Bekx&X has more than ten years experience in designing communication strategies that bring forth practical and applicable recommendations. We manage your message and story in these four steps:

  1. We strip down your core message to its very essence to make sure it captures the attention of your target group.
  2. This concise message is then supplemented with the proper content. This is the result of a cooperation between the marketing department of your organization and the longitudinal trend research of Bexpertise.
  3. Next, the story will be transformed into concrete ideas and concepts that will be transmitted through the right communication channel.
  4. We can even take it a step further and guide you in the daily elaboration of your story. Our experienced editors, designers, translators and coordinators will help you to accomplish more than the targets you proposed.

We make sure that your message reaches and touches your target (group). On one condition: content management has to start with the strategic, conceptual phase.

Magazines, restyling & corporate design

One image says more than a thousand words. But an image that is creatively interwoven with a shrewd copy says even more. Bekx&X is as much a magazine doctor as a magazine creator. Since the start of Trendhuis in 1996 our bureau has restyled and realized dozens of magazine titles (Joepie, Dag Allemaal), client magazines, magazines for employees, cultural magazines (Gulliver), newspaper supplements and member magazines (FORWARD).

We can also translate your story into a trend magazine that catches the eye, which makes it easier to remember, both internal and external. You can enjoy the benefits of such a trend magazine for years. Not convinced? Go ahead and ask Obumex, Procter & Gamble or Coke Light for their opinion.

In cooperation with trend research bureau Bexpertise, Bekx&X has built up an impressive experience in the creation of trend magazines with surveyable, clear and direct results.


Reading your newspaper, participating in a contest, buying books, preparing your vacation … Everyone is online! Do you also long for a trendy website with animations, pop-up, flashy colours, forms and other bells and whistles? Before we get down to work, we first ask ourselves whether all this is really necessary. Does that kind of website fulfil all your specific needs? Does it fit your image? Will your target group directly benefit from this website? If the answer is yes, then we will gladly make this website for you, from A to Z and in different languages. Is the answer no? Then we will help you find a website that is relevant for your company, media campaign, product launch, etc. Because we are convinced that relations built on trust and honesty last the longest. That’s why we start by examining who you are and what you do, before we go over to action.

When we create a website, we take the same principles we apply when writing magazines, newsletters, design packaging, etc. into account. Everything starts with a strong strategy and vision. These are the two main focus points of Bekx&X before the start of a project. By doing so, we can guarantee that the end result will correspond with your needs for 100% and that it isn’t just a poor knockoff of your competitors’ websites.

We offer you a website package from A to Z: from the idea to implementation, from concept to content, from lay-out to maintenance. Curious? Take a look at the following examples:


To gain clients is one thing, but establishing a long-lasting relation with your clients is something else. Newsletters can help strengthen the relationship and inform, motivate and activate your clients in a personal way.

Bekx&X consists of a team of experienced account managers, trained copywriters and creative graphical designers that strive for the perfect result, both online and offline. Discover some of our realizations: the province of Antwerp, Bank J.Van Breda & C°, 123feelfree.

Trendhuis is (co-)founder of Xenarjo and Time4society