Bexpertise is specialized in trend and market research, lectures and workshops.

Trend and market research

1. Approach

CEO Nathalie Bekx and her team carry out strategic research to elaborate future scenarios for companies, organizations and NGOs. They always start from a long-term perspective and work on the basis of classic and optimized research techniques.

In short: Bexpertise investigates how its clients can improve their strategy, communication, marketing, media plan and client recruitment. To make this improvement effective, our team makes use of in-depth interviews, focus groups, on- and offline surveys, telephone surveys, mystery shopping, etc. In practice, we combine different qualitative and quantitative methods.

For our research, we incorporate multiple mid-term evaluations in our schedule. During each phase of the project, we take your feedback into account. At the end of the ride, you receive an easily understandable and efficient final report.

2. Barometers

Since 2004, Bexpertise keeps an eye on what goes on in Belgian society. Through an annual longitudinal research, a ‘barometer’ as it were, our researchers can find out what the population thinks, what their wishes for today and tomorrow are: how are they going to consume, travel, live, eat …? Bexpertise created three kinds of barometers:

  • Trend Barometer: a large-scale trend research in own assignment among thousands of Belgians. By looking at the dreams, plans and expectations of four generations of Belgians, Bexpertise is able to spot the trends of what is – and will be – going in society.
  • Retail Barometer: in cooperation with Comeos, Bexpertise examines the future shopping behaviour and pleasure of the Belgian consumer.
  • Work Barometer: on behalf of the European Social Fund – Agency Flanders, Bexpertise annually interviews Flemish citizens about their opinions and experiences with working, job training, loyalty, etc. Since 2010, Trendbookx translates these results into an original trend book.

3. Some remarkable examples

  • At the request of NMBS, Bexpertise conducted a strategic trend research which resulted in twelve proposals for modular concepts to take the train during off-peak hours. These were linked to important framework conditions, communicationadvices and marketing recommendations.
  • The Chamber of Commerce of Antwerp-Mechelen asked Bexpertise to write the ‘Masterplan 2020’ with the purpose of making the thirteen towns of the district excel before the year 2020. Our research office proposed twenty trends and measures.
  • In light of the the 50th anniversary of Procter & Gamble in Belgium, Bexpertise investigated the impact of the innovative products of P&G on the lives of hundreds of Belgian women.
  • Bexpertise also interviewed hundreds of women on their vision on a light-hearted life. The results of this research, commissioned by Coca-Cola Light, have been summarized by Bekx&X in a timeless trend book.
  • In 'Setting sail for the Soul of Deloitte', Bexpertise explored the identity, mission, vision … of Deloitte Belgium. We also organised an art workshop in Amsterdam, where CEO Nathalie Bekx presented the results of the research.
  • Apart from all this, our research office also realized some strategic, media and trend researches for shopping and retail stores such as JBC, Spar (Colruyt), Super de Boer, etc.
  • Additionally, federations such as VBO, Confederation Building, Febiac, Comeos ... know their way to Bexpertise when they are in need of media and communication strategies backed up by thorough research.
  • Bexpertise coordinated the research phase of the European project PROMOTE. We researched the current situation concerning the validation of informal and non-formal learning in more than 10 European countries.
  • The European project EILEEN counted on Bexpertise to thoroughly examine interculturality in the workplace in more than 9 European countries. We coordinated the wide-scale research and delivered a detailed report. This took place within the framework of the EU Programme Erasmus+.
  • In collaboration with the European Social Fund - Flanders Agency, Bexpertise is spearheading the pilot project Road 67. This project aims to reactivate long-term unemployed people over 55 through job carving. Afterwards, important labour market stakeholders, like VDAB, can make use of the techniques that Bexpertise will develop.
  • Also with the support of the European Social Fund, Bexpertise put the pilot project Time4YourTalent on the map. After uncovering the (hidden) talents of employees over the age of 50, they are allowed to participate in a short-term internship, further strengthening their talents. A win-win-win situation for the employees, their employers and the host organisations.

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Trend watcher Nathalie Bekx, founder of Trendhuis, gives lectures on a regular basis, both in postgraduate programs and in companies at home and abroad. In her lectures she talks about consumer trends, specifically taking the interests of companies and organizations into account.

All those interventions have in common that they enable helicopter perspectives: the trend research of Bexpertise and the annual Barometers make it possible for companies to see their future challenges from a different perspective.

The trend lectures are always prepared in accordance with the data that Bexpertise collects through its annual research. The lectures never deal with far-away situations, from other continents for example, but with local trends that matter to your target group, backed up with statistics.

Some examples of recent lectures:

  • The catering industry user in 3 dimensions (Horeca)
  • Working according to the hedgehog principle (HR Congress Prague)
  • Meet the Alpro Soya generations (Alpro Soya)
  • The hospital of the future (Zorgondersteuning vzw)
  • Disposable habits (Batibouw)
  • Will we be eating bread tomorrow? (Promoba)
  • Consumer behaviour today and tomorrow (D&M)
  • Tomorrow’s volunteer (Pasar)
  • The future welcomes you, as long as you know the consumer (ING)
  • Feminization of health care (Domus Medica)
  • 5 communication trend for the future (VAR)
  • Chickentales: the new man or the new woman? (Fortis)
  • 50-plus: resourceful fellows and media moguls (KBC)
  • The consumer in 2013 (Spar)
  • Consumers devour nutritional information (Forum GS1)
  • DIY-health (Voka)
  • Working in 2030 (KBC)
  • More bicycling in The Netherlands (Keypoint Consultancy)
  • Are we going to buy more or less? (Comeos)
  • ...

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Besides trend lectures, Nathalie Bekx organizes workshops on a regular basis, which helps you to react in the ideal way to the newest trends and to reach your future target group, by making use of effective marketing, corporate communication and restyling of your communication.

On behalf of Deloitte, Bexpertise organized a workshop on corporate identity. The workshop consisted of an afternoon of painting in Amsterdam. Employees had to try to capture the soul of their company Deloitte in a painting. Moreover, Bexpertise offers courses on desk research, but also redaction and copywriting can be dealt with. You can only realize a future that you have already put in words.

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