We and Work was awarded the title of most inclusive enterprise of the year.

What prize accompanied this honour? A training in which the SDG-FITplan was applied to their company.

You can find the SDG-FITplan in Bob Elsen and Nathalie Bekx’ book “Travel Towards Sustainable Entrepreneurship with the SDGs as your Compass”.

The idea is to have a workable system to navigate the at times vague SDGs. The authors state that the SDGs can function as a compass for when you choose for sustainability. How? By grouping them into six P’s: People, Planet, Prosperity, Partnership, Peace, and Pleasure. This last P might be a bit surprising. But according to the authors, “having fun” is a prerequisite to achieve any goal. Thanks to this simplification into the six P’s, sustainability becomes achievable.

In order to accomplish this, the authors created the SDG-FITPlan®: A methodology to develop, to integrate, to realise, and to measure, and, of course, also to correct if necessary. The book is in fact a roadmap of who can or will do what. By using mountain climbing as a metaphor, the plan becomes tactile: Not everyone has to reach the top of Mount Everest, a brisk walk through the Alps is already quite the challenge.