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House of Trends has been working to improve the world ever since 1995. We take pride in the numerous social innovation projects which we helped to bring into the world. We are also proud of the non-profit Time4Society vzw, our annual CSR-profession election, and, more recently, the non-profit Go2Learn vzw.

House of Trends is also proud of a few of our own initiatives, which we want to share with you.

Time4Society vzw (non-profit)

House of Trends’s barometer from 15 years ago showed that employees like to give back to society, preferably together with colleagues and clear results. This is why Trendhuis reached out to a number of federations and companies to formulate a response to this desire. This is how the non-profit Time4Society came to be.

Time4Society wants to, bearing Corporate Social Responsibility in mind, help companies and their employees make this vision a reality. And socially responsible team building is the way to make CSR concrete for all your employees. The concept is tried and true: During one working day, your employees help a non-profit organisation that could use the help. To date, companies have invested 300,000 hours in ca. 2,300 social, ecological, and cultural projects.

Go2learn vzw (non-profit)

At the request of companies and universities, House of Trends, in cooperation with Joker, founded a non-profit to bring young people, tomorrow’s societal leaders, together around the theme of sustainability. We provide trainings with a lot of attention to 21st century competencies, personal engagement, and business development. We also organise social and intercultural internships in Belgium and across the globe. Go2Learn also initiated a fund at the King Baudouin Foundation for this. 

Sustainability Professional

On Thursday the 24th of February 2022, we once again awarded the Sustainability Professional. By doing so, we reward a motivator, inspirator and/or implementor who played a strategic and invaluable Sustainability role in their company or organisation. We also crown Sustainability Pioneers responsible for excellent and focused sustainability actions. We organise this event in cooperation with our daughter organisation Time4Society and VBO-FEB, the federation of Belgian companies. Learn more by visiting

Travel towards sustainable entrepreneurship

Bob Elsen, chairman of the company Joker, and Nathalie Bekx, House oof Trends and Time4Society’s  CEO, wrote the book “Travel Towards Sustainable Entrepreneurship with the SDGs as Your Compass”. Within this book, you will not only find countless business examples, but also the SDGFit-plan®, which you as a company can use to develop, implement, and realise a sustainability strategy and measure the results. Trendhuis can provide appropriate training or coaching here.

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