No idea how? Together we will plan your journey to a more sustainable entrepreneurship, a forward looking HRM policy, and an efficient way to approach your customers. We will guide you throughout the process.


CSR coaching

A step by step plan towards more sustainability

Nathalie Bekx, House of Trends’ CEO, and Bob Elsen, chairman of the sustainable travel organisation Joker, wrote the book “Travel Towards Sustainable Entrepreneurship with the SDGs as Your Compass”. This book offers the SDG-FITplan, which is a structured growth and follow-up methodology for sustainable entrepreneurship that closely aligns with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The plan is easy to understand and implement and can be adjusted based upon your measurements. This is how you can slowly build out your sustainability policy while making it profitable. Trendhuis also developed a level measurement tool which you can use to check both your progress towards sustainable entrepreneuring and ways to reach the top. Of course, Trendhuis will gladly support you in your journey towards sustainability.

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Order our book in your preferred language (Dutch, English, or French)! Email us your name, address, and the language of your choice and receive the book at your home for €20, including taxes and shipping. The books costs 24,95€ in stores.Mail us:

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Building more resilience into your organisation

Make stress and burn-out topics that can be discussed within your organisation. This is, especially now within these Corona times, a must. Trendhuis offers leaders and employees insights into the building of resilience and immediately applicable tips & tricks.

Time2Grow, our online and interactive platform with selftests, is an accessible channel you can use to make your employees aware of the possible risks of stress and burn-out. Selftests and testimonies will motivate them to improve their resilience. The tool is also a handy way to showcase all of the support you already offer.

Strategic process guidance

House of Trends is known for its strategic guidance throughout the process of, for example, the development or implementation of new or renewed concepts. This is why ESF Flanders asked us to guide 28 transnational ESF projects. For the coming two years, Trendhuis will use accompaniment techniques like intervision, design thinking, and appreciative inquiry to let project leaders inspire one another to come together and recommend changes to sectors and policies.

We would gladly work with you to develop innovative concepts through the usage of surprising methods to reach out and convince the right customers. A few examples:

  • We formulated high level interior specialist Obumex’ DNA and changed their approach to sales.
  • JBC asked us to redraw their stores’ interior.
  • Starting up a brand? Trendhuis created the concept of IKARI, a highly personalised line of care products.
  • We convinced Aquacare to not only offer water softeners, but also to invest in water sources for both homes and restaurants. It was a great success!

Together with European partners, we develop innovative and interactive approaches to think of new ideas and to implement them within the knowledge network CIM (Creativity and Innovation Management).

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Nathalie Bekx, CEO