Do you know how to spot opportunities? Do you meet the future head on? Our trend studies and analyses on sustainable entrepreneurship, human resources, and consumer approach give you a clear insight into trend research for a better future.

Trend Research for a Better Future


Comeos, the Belgian retail federation, requests us on a bi-annually basis to research consumers’ opinions on sustainability in stores. Do they want to invest in it? If so, what priorities do they have in what stores?

We also perform sustainability research for companies and governments. For example, the city of Bruges asked us to research sustainable chocolate. And more recently, a collective of European packaging companies requested we research consumer’s recycling preferences.

House of Trends uses the CSR monitor, both of our own accord and in cooperation with partners, to investigate the importance of sustainable entrepreneurship for large companies and SMEs. We also look into the initiatives that they can take (together).

How sustainable are you as a company? And what do your customers think of this?

Working Barometer 2022

For over ten years, we have been questioning both employers and employees about their perception of the job market. This longitudinal study in cooperation with governmental partners, companies, and the media always includes additional questions around diversity, lifelong learning, working at later ages, stress on the job, etc.

We always ask opinion makers what their vision is on the future of sustainable employment. We also use a questionnaire to ask about 1.000 Belgians what their opinion is on the future of work. Afterwards, the results are discussed and presented per generation.

In many of our European projects, we also gauge the creation of dignified and inclusive work for everyone, linked to sustainable economic growth.

Trend Books

We want our studies to have an impact. That is why we bundle them in an appealing trend book that we spread widely among stakeholders.

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European projects

Learning network

With the learning network, the European Social Fund and Trendhuis give counselling to 28 transnational projects that revolve around important themes such as the development of an inclusive policy, the creation of a sustainable and inclusive labour market, activation of people with a distance to the labour market to work, job design, crafting and carving, the development of circular jobs and also the effects of the platform economy.

We do this through workshops, (online) meetings, expositions by experts, newsletters, etc. Our aim is to connect promoters, such as universities, colleges, private organisations and social entrepreneurs with one another, so that they can inspire and strengthen each other through their projects. By doing so, we’re building a better future and a labour market that’s inclusive for everyone.

Hire an employee with a disability!

The Welcome2Work-project motivates employers to hire people with a disability and to integrate them into the workforce, facilitating their throughput from the social to the regular economy. All of this while also keeping an eye on their individual competences and talents.

Work More Sustainably

Time4Society Europe develops innovative methods and tools that connect “Continuing Professional Development” (CPD) to “Corporate Social Responsibility” (CSR) as well as to the “Sustainable Development Goals” (SDGs). We invite companies and their employees to work sustainably. We also help them to discover more about themselves, improve their teamwork, and develop their potential through team building activities, etc.

CSR, with the Appropriate Competences

Time4SustainableDevelopment stimulates Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and promotes the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and uses it as a frame of reference for organisations and corporations. Practically speaking, this means that the project aims to improve the competences of Adult Educators (AE), such as trainers and HR-professionals, in the field of sustainability. They can support this process with the help of Continuing Professional Development in organisations and corporations.

Socially healthy

BSport+ (Bottom-up Sport Partnership) is a project in which we stimulate people with a disability to work out more often. To do this, we coach coaches and organisations. But we also create cooperation mechanisms between institutions in which we reduce the inequalities between people with a disability and people without a disability in the world of sports and exercise.

Sustainable universities

SDGs4U, our new project, helps universities implement a strategy to translate the SDGs and their challenges into local strategies. The project also helps students and teachers to develop and improve upon (new) competences.

This happens in three steps:

  1. Teach youngsters and staff the transversal, civil, and entrepreneurial skills needed to identify, tackle, and develop the SDGs.
  2. Improve the universities’ SDG implementation.
  3. Expand and improve the universities’ leadership position through the implementation of SDG Labs.


“Three C” or “Creating and sustaining Charcoal value chains to promote a Circular Carbon economy in NWE Europe.” This project is focused on the development and dissemination of economically viable value chains based on char produced using biomaterial from the participating countries: Belgium, France, Germany, Ireland, the Netherlands, and the UK. The plan is to develop a climate-friendly, sustainable, and circular economy. This project is led by an interdisciplinary team of universities, public entities, professional organisations, and regional development companies with experience in investments, building out a support base, and marketing. Interested in helping to test the product?

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